About Us


BlueBearAware.com was an online retailer loved by the food allergy community since 2006. Our goal has always been to empower children (and fun loving adults) and heighten awareness of food allergies, food sensitivities, and celiac disease. Blue Bear accomplished this through fun and trendy clothing and accessories, providing you with the ability to be “Aware with Flair” #bbawarewithflair. As of January 2019, we have shuttered our storefront. While we will no longer be selling products on our side, we intend to remain active and continue to support our extended family – YOU.

The Blue Bear Aware Family

Our story is long so we’ll try to summarize it for you: A couple of geeks met, fell in love, got married and started a family. The end.

HA! Kidding aside, our story is too long to summarize here. One day, we may break it up into multiple blog posts. Or a novel. Maybe an epic…. Anyway! In the meantime, trust us when we say that it has been a very eventful 7+ years. We have had and continue to have challenges (you can read about some of them in our FoodASC interview) but we also have many blessings. So many blessings.


About us as a family? We are an interesting mix of cautiously adventurous. Equal parts of cuddly homebodies and spontaneous explorers. Creatives. Engineers. All around incredibly curious. No matter what we’re doing, we laugh. A lot. We don’t have to try hard. We’re just a silly crew and it’s that laughter and joie de vivre that has helped us pick ourselves up in the face of challenges and enjoy every moment we can. 


Smiles and lots of hugs. That’s what we’re all about and it’s our hope that we can spread all those smiles and hugs.


Jennifer, Tim, Aiden & Alexa Burch