Epinephrine Auto-injector Carrier - Pink 'Bytes'

Epinephrine Auto-injector Carrier - Pink 'Bytes'

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Sometimes you want simple but with some style. Try one of these stylized auto-injector carriers.

  • Carrier holds two epi-pen or adrenaclick auto-injectors, or two Auvi-Q AND an Asthma Inhaler!
  • Tag for ID and medical information inside
  • Made of lightweight, durable, water-resistant neoprene
  • Easy to use zipper and buckle
  • Includes an adjustable belt/strap (Please indicate size, XS, S, M, L, or XL.

        XS: 19" to 29"
        S: 21" to 33"
        M: 24" to 39"
        L: 29" to 47"
        XL:  34" to 58"

Brand: KozyGo